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WMS Week of Respect
The 8th grade members of Washington Middle School's Student Leadership Team have been working hard on their first bulletin board of the 2023-2024 school year, in honor of Week of Respect. They have highlighted respectful actions they would like to grow at WMS and some negative things they would like to leave behind.

Washington School Anti-Bullying Specialist:
Ms. Mayra Rivas-Flores
Washington Middle School(973) 483-2285 x2045
[email protected]

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator:
Ms. Joan McNichol, MA, SAC,
Harrison High School, 401 Kingsland Avenue, Harrison, NJ 07029
(973) 482-5050 x. 1519
[email protected]

ABBR Self Assessment Scores 2022-2023

Explanation of ABBR Self Assessment Scores 2022-2023