Nurse's Notes



  • Remember to wear your Washington Middle School uniform with appropriate footwear such as sneakers or shoes.

Parents Please Read:

It is necessary to take precautions for you and your family to prevent the spread of the flu virus.

First and foremost, EVERYONE should be vaccinated. It is not too late to get the flu vaccine, please contact your family doctor or any local pharmacy.

Proper Handwashing is an extremely important step in preventing the spread of the flu virus.

Another effective method to slow the spread of the flu is to cough/sneeze into a tissue and then dispose of it in the trash, or cough/sneeze into the sleeve of your shirt.

Other measures that can be followed to decrease the spread of the flu virus are disinfecting hard surfaces daily such as: tabletops, countertops, bathroom fixtures, doorknobs, handles, computer keyboards, phones, children's toys. The cleaner should say on the bottle, cleans and disinfects. Soapy water only cleans the surface, it does not disinfect.

MOST IMPORTANT: If your child/children is/are sick, KEEP THEM HOME, DO NOT SEND THEM TO SCHOOL.

Also, eat a health diet, drink plenty of fluids, dress appropiately for the weather, get plenty of sleep, all of which will help keep the immune system working at full strength.


  • If your child is not feeling well in the morning, check his/her temperature before sending him/her to school.
  • If the temperature is 100 or above, the child should stay home and rest.
  • If vomiting or diarrhea is present during the night or in the morning, the student should stay home.
  • If the symptoms last longer than 24 hours, call your pediatrician.
  • Remember to dress appropriately for the cold weather: coats and hats, shoes, boots or sneakers with socks.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and get enough rest.

Click on the link provided to read additional material on the flu and precautions:

Please make sure that the school has a working phone number at which someone can be reached in the event your sick child must be sent home.

As per state regulations, I am not authorized to medicate the students during the school day nor are the students permitted to carry any over the counter medication to school such as: tylenol, advil, or cough syrup. These will be taken from him/her if seen. If you have medication from a doctor, please see me for the medical forms that must be filled out by the doctor prescribing the medicine.

If your child has asthma, please be sure to have his/her asthma action plan filled out by the doctor and returned to my office. If he/she carries an inhaler this paperwork is a must.

Mrs. Elliott, RN, CSN


Click here to see the Board of Education of the Harrison Public Schools' NON-DISCRIMINATION NOTICE