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March 2021


The return to in-person learning will begin Monday, March 22, 2021.
In-person instruction will run from 8:20 a.m. to 1:15 p.m.

  • All students returning in-person will be required to wear masks.
    •  A mask break will be scheduled for all students during 4th period.
  • All returning students must return the COVID questionnaire signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Temperatures will be taken upon entry.
  • Entrance locations will be staggered:
    • 8th Grade students will enter by the Auditorium door
    • 7th Grade Students will enter by the Breezeway door
    • 6th Grade Students will enter by the Main Entrance Door (to the right of Breezeway)
  • Students are encouraged to bring a plastic water bottle to school. Water fountains will not be operational.
  • Lockers will not be in use, so all students should have a sturdy book bag.
  • Lunch will be delivered to all students during 6th period to be eaten after dismissal.

WiFi HotSpots


1. Visit xfinity.com/wifi to see a map of Xfinity WiFi hotspots. Open hotspots, both indoor and outdoor, will be displayed on the map in a blue color. Once at a hotspot, customers and non-customers should select xfinitywifi from the list of available WiFi networks, and then launch a browser. (please note that it must be 'xfinitywifi' all small letters, any other xfinity wifi will take you to one that requires a login)

2. Non-Xfinity Internet customers can connect by clicking the Accept & Connect button. Non-Xfinity customers will be able to renew their complimentary sessions every two hours. (so you'll have to renew your connection and start these steps over every 2 hours)


Washington Middle School is a community of learners and educators working together to:

  • Foster a challenging learning environment that promotes high expectations for success through developmentally appropriate education that allows for differentiated learning and multiple learning styles.

  • Promote a caring, safe and supportive environment that meets the academic, emotional, social and physical needs of our students.

  • Develop creative minds, compassion for others, and the courage to support beliefs.

  • Help multicultural learners to strive to become productive citizens that can exceed in the technologically advancing twenty-first century.

Washington Middle School

1 North Fifth Street,
Harrison, New Jersey 07029

Phone: 973-483-2285
Fax: 973-482-3625 
 School Hours

Modified In-Person/Virtual Hours
8:20 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.

8th Grade Parents Night

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8th Grade Parents Information 2019-2020

Check out the new WMS Patriots Band website for information
on upcoming performances, rehearsal schedules, how to join, and more! 

 WMS Band

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Washington School Anti-Bullying Specialist
Ms. Mayra Rivas-Flores
Washington Middle School
(973) 483-2285 x2045

District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
Joan McNichol, MA, SAC
Harrison High School
401 Kingsland Ave.,
Harrison, NJ 07029
(973) 482-5050 x1519

Need to Report Harassment, Intimidation or Bullying - Click Here to find all that you need!

Click Here to read the Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Policy

New Jersey Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Grades Report 2019-2020
Click Here

Click here for the 2019-2020 Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Explanation for the Annual Self-Assessment, Process for Determining Grades And Supportive Resources

"It is the policy of the Board of Education of the Harrison Public Schools not to discriminate in its programs, activities, employment practices or admission policies on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, genetics, affectional and sexual orientation, disability or social or economic status."

Inquiries or complaints regarding affirmative action, discrimination (including Title IX requirements), sexual harassment or equity should be directed to:

Joan McNichol, AAO/Section 504 Officer/Title IX Coordinator


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